BilgeAway Refill (1Kg Media only)


This loose media is to refill your cartridge once the media has reached maximum absorption. You need to remove the lid of the current cartridge and empty the contents and then refill with the fresh media.

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Loose filter media, to be used for refills or to spread direct on to oil and fuel spills.

The filter material used to remove the hydrocarbons inside the filter housing can be supplied loose. This material is an environmentally friendly alternative to Polypropylene, Polyethylene and Polyurethane based products (oil absorbent mats).

To use – sprinkle the material on a spillage of oil or fuel and allow adsorption to commence. Once adsorbed, the material can then be left to dry before either,hoovering or brushing up the remains. In a wet environment, use a wet-vac to finalise clean up.

Effective on all forms of hydrocarbon – From low viscosity silicon oils to high viscosity bitumen and crude’s.

Full hydrocarbon capture – Able to successfully bond hydrocarbons whether in free phase, emulsified or vapour form.

Non-leaching capability – Mechanically bonds the hydrocarbon molecule to itself preventing leaching either at the spill source or later at disposal.

Fully hydrophobic – Actively repels water

Fire retardant – Capable of capturing the vapour element of highly volatile fuels significantly reducing the risk of combustion.

Lightweight – Ultra lightweight granular that floats on the waters surface.

Indefinite shelf life – It is not degraded by moisture or wet environmental conditions.

Adsorption (bonding) rates

1 kilo of the material will bond approximately 2.5 litres of pure hydrocarbon, dependant on viscosity.


Any used product should be disposed of responsibly and in accordance with environmental requirements and legislation.


Used product has been Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) tested and classified as “non-reactive” due to its non-leaching feature.


The unused material is a naturally derived and inert product. Used product containing hydrocarbon will have a high calorific value. This makes it suitable for disposal by incineration for energy production. Incineration must be carried out at an approved facility.


Due to the non-leaching feature of the product, it is potentially possible to re-mediate by composting. The addition of appropriate heat and bacteria will allow for breakdown of the contained hydrocarbon by bacterial method over time. Used product must be composted in an isolated environment.



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