20 inch BilgeAway Filter Kit


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For use with large cruisers, wide-beam boats, dutch barges, and larger leisure vessels. This filter system is supplied for very large bilge areas and separate systems will be needed for vessels with multiple sump areas. 

• Filter head – height = 7.5cm / 3 inches, width = 12cm / 4 ¾ inches
• Filter bowl – height = 50m / 19 ½ inches, width = 10cm / 4 inches
• Compression nut – height = 5cm / 2 inches, width 12cm / 4 ¾ inches
• Total height of complete filter – 57cm / 22 ½ inches
Quantities of absorption
• Maximum – 0.9 Litres
• Safe – 0.8 Litres

Lab results – dependant on bilge hydrocarbon content, discharged water is expected to contain between 3 and 4 micro grams of hydrocarbons or <4ppm (less than 4 parts per million) The UK Boat Safety Scheme requires hydrocarbon content less than 5ppm and the coastal requirement is less than 15ppm.
Pollutants scope – any Hydrocarbon based liquid.
Component materials – polyethylene plastic.


If the bilge water flow becomes restricted or stops, check the bilge area to see how the bilge pump is operating and whether there are any bilge pump, pipe, hose or filter cartridge blockages. If the filter cartridge is blocked, it must be replaced.

All BilgeAway filter kits come as standard with ¾ inch hosetails. If alternate sizes are required please contact us on Tell: +44 1332 912 998 or by email: sales@bilgeaway.com


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