Commercial BilgeAway filter


Commercial bilgeaway filter for bigger applications

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This is a commercial filter for commercial vessels, and large pleasure craft

Filter specifications advise the maximum potential absorption capabilities of each filter type. The filters will last indefinitely until this maximum potential absorption is reached. However, due to the difficulties of measuring absorption amounts at any given time, we recommend the BilgeAway filter cartridge is replaced every 3 years. Preferably before the winter months when the bilge pump will be heavily relied upon to maintain safe water levels within the vessel.

If when using the bilge pump to evacuate the bilge area, a fuel sheen or oil slick appears in the waterway, then the filter cartridge has absorbed it maximum potential and is ready for replacement. Avoid using the bilge pump until a replacement cartridge has been installed (the team is currently developing a visual aid to help keep track of this).

If the bilge water flow becomes restricted or stops, check the bilge area to see how the bilge pump is operating and whether there are any bilge pump, pipe, hose or filter cartridge blockages. If the filter cartridge is blocked, it must be replaced.

Dimensions are approx 3ft b 1.5ft

The unit will absorbe up to 10ltrs of oil and fuel contamination.



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