Filters contaminated water from your bilges and stops pollution of our waterways.

An award-winning filter

BilgeAway is was developed to stop the contamination caused by bilge water. Bilge water is periodically discharged to avoid a vessel sinking and contamination within the water is also pumped out into the immediate waterway (river, lake, sea, harbour etc.) The effect of this contamination are visible in ports, harbours and marinas

Why use BilgeAway?

We want a future where we never see oil slicks on our water ways or in marinas and harbours again, and to witness positive impact on the marine ecosystem within our lifetime.

If BilgeAway is widely adopted it will have a hugely positive impact on the future of our waterway, our lives and the ecosystem that supports it.

It can help all boat owners and users reduce pollution and safeguard the environment easily and inexpensively because using BilgeAway means the end of expensive bilge pump out costs.

How does BilgeAway Work?

The BilgeAway filter is designed to extract petrol, diesel, engine oil, etc from bilge water before it is pumped back into the waterways stopping pollution at source. BilgeAway renders hydrocarbons non-reactive, meaning that for the life of the hydrocarbon it cannot damage the environment.


Recognised and approved by the Boat Safety Scheme

Low Cost

Environmentally Friendly

Simple to install

Easy to maintain

Piece of mind