Bilgeaway Emergency Bypass System Installation Kit


BilgeAway filter with additional equipment to install a back up bilge out system for emergencies

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Every component required to install an “emergency bypass system” for the 10” Eco-Friendly bilge pump system.

Package includes:

  • 1x BilgeAway Filter Housing
  • 2x BilgeAway Filter Cartridges
  • 2x ¾” Hose Tails
  • 1x O-Ring
  • 1x BilgeAway Filter Mounting Bracket
  • 1x BilgeAway Filter Tool
  • 1x Automatic Bilge Pump
  • 4 Meters Of Hose
  • 1x Pack Of 10 Hose Clamps
  • 1x Y-Piece
  • 1x Pack Of Fixing Screws
  • 1x PTFE Tape
  • 1x Pair Of BilgeAway Gloves
  • 2x One Way Valve

Electrical wiring and connectors are not included within the package as installations can vary depending on vessel design, it is advisable to seek advice when planning an installation as you may require an electrician/engineer to conduct or help to conduct the installation. Electrical components likely to be required include, cable adequately sized for the installation, cable connectors and crimps, and a switch or switch unit for manual operation. Should you require advice, you can contact Canal Contracting on Tell: 01785 785 685 or by email:

This kit is intended for vessels that already have a bilge pump system installed but are worried that if a filter is installeda blockage may result in a risk of excessive water build-up. This system is intended to operate alongside the existing bilge pump system and plumb into the same outlet.

For guidance, please see and drop down to the second installation diagram. Alternatively, Canal Contracting offer a fitting service should this be required and can be contacted by telephone on 01785 785 685 or email

All BilgeAway filter kits come as standard with ¾ inch hosetails. If alternate sizes are required please contact us on Tel: +44 1332 912 998 or by email: . If you need assistance we are more than happy to help.

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